Dancing in the Dark

Candlelight, movement, shadows...we’re dancing in the dark, waltzing in the wonder of why we’re here. C21, the elite all-women ensemble that performs eclectic, intricate music from around the globe and across time has been delighting sold-out audiences in Chicago for years. Fresh, unpredictable, bold, even sassy on occasion, we embrace the venerable as well as the modern, the classic, the overlooked and the innovative. From tight harmonies to body percussion, we insist on having fun and our loyal audience seems to agree. This spring’s concert is Dancing in the Dark (till the tune ends…or at least Central Standard Time). The program includes “What Happens When a Woman” by Alexandra Olsavsky, Sean Ivory's setting of poet Wendell Berry's “Peace of the Wild Things,” pieces by favorite composers such as Ola Gjielo and J. David Moore, as well as Argentina’s Santiago Veros and Slovenia's,Makor Andrej and “The Storm,” a body-percussive showstopper that will have you tapping your feet. 

Philosopher/poet Meeta Ahluwalia says, “She danced wild across the evening sky, dispersing clouds with the frills of her gown.” The C21 Women’s Ensemble will do just that: dancing in the dark, dancing like no one is watching, singing proud and feeling free in our music. We can't wait to bring this special performance from our hearts to yours!



"Will you be my sanctuary, my haven in the storm?”  Will we be refuge for one another until we can carry on?  Refuge that restores resilience, refuge as prelude to action. 


Where do you find sanctuary, refuge, haven, harbor, safe zone, oasis?  Music is all of that for C21 women's ensemble as we journey in search of soulful refuge that restores and sends us back to the troubled world, refreshed and ready to re-engage.


Our search takes us from prayers to dreams to finding the strength of our own voice in the summer's wind.  Not an escape but a coming home.  Safely home to our true selves.  To solace in the hand of a soulmate, to the supportive ground beneath a loved one's bare foot, to the cathedral of the natural world,  to the sanctuary of morning, wherever it lies, to the calm in our own self assurance.  “Dying into love like a cloud dissolving in the sunlight.”  Finding ourselves on the other side of the grave itself because a refuge is not a prison.  Come join us on our search and find your own sanctuary—or at least imagine it from here.

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In Flight 

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Touch the Universe

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Silent No More

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The Power Of Her Voice

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